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Introducing a new line of drums, entitled the "Rose and me" series.  Rose B is my 12 year old daughter, who loves to paint, and has been working on  drums for most of her childhood.  I had a few of these shells to spare, so we decided to paint up a few shells, add some snazzy ropes and rings, and see where they go!  


     This drum shell is made of recycled pallet wood, from a local winery.  For some reason, the vineyards always seem to have exceptional pallets.  The drum is 14 1/2" tall, with a 7" goatskin head (from Pakistan), and a 5" bottom.  The shell has been coated on the inside and outside of the shell, with at least 3 coats of polyurethane, like all of our drum shells. 

      The theme of the artwork, is "country living."   Art by Rose B.    PRICE: $120 which includes shipping and handling, NY state taxes, etc.


A New Line of Drums----Barrel Kick Drums

‚ÄčThe Rural  Life

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