Steady Rhythms has a wide variety of drums, drum supplies and services, so if you have a custom drum project of any kind, let us know.  We specialize in custom projects, conventional or otherwise.    Contact us at:

COCKTAIL ASHIKO DRUM SET 3 PC-this little drumset really rocks up a storm, complete with a cajon remote beater (made by Dixon).  The two side bongos are a matched pair, made of alternated pine and cherry woods recycled from pallets.  The A bongo has an elk skin, the F bongo has a goat skin.  The base drum is made of poplar wood, has 5 oak legs bolted to the drum, and a goat skin head. the set sits about 20" high, with the base drum having a !5" diameter head, and the  bongos have 9" heads, 5" bottoms, 18" long.   $490 LOCAL    $550 IF SHIPPED ANYWHERE  ​SOLD!!!!!!

SUPER SIZE DJEMBE-  this mammoth drum is a hybrid instrument, being made of wood and plastic.  The top half of the drum is a 55 gallon heavy duty barrel, the bottom of the drum is a 30 piece stave tail, made of 30 wood staves,  glued together, and then fiberglassed over,with 2 layers of fibercloth and resin.  The two pieces are joined together by a wood plate, bolted to the bottom of the inside of the barrel.   It is topped with Pakistani goat skin, and is strung with Atwood ropes (only the best), and is covered with a stitched sleeve that slides over the barrel.  $500 LOCAL    $600 IF SHIPPED ANYWHERE (ODD BULK SIZE AND WEIGHT COSTS EXTRA)

Ashikos like these  have 8-10" in diameter heads, 4-5" bottoms, 22"+ Long.  I have many different colored ropes, please specify a color preference.   Usually, I string drums in brown or black ropes, or a combination of the two.   $130 INCLUDES SHIPPING AND TAXES

 The bags are hand made on a sewing machine right here at the shop, lined with felt, double stitched, adjustable strap, draw string top, made to order $60  INCLUDES SHIPPING AND TAXES