Regardless of where it comes from , recycled wood for drums is a better alternative to hollowing out entire logs of live trees, effectively wasting 90% of the wood in the tree.  Glued stave drums are just simply ecologically sound, and intrinsically beautiful, for their own sake.  The trailings from plank boards, slated for hardwood flooring, are always the best scrap hardwoods, and a good portion of my better woods come from the scrap yard of a local hardwood flooring place, where I actually buy the bundles, and am happy, because they hate to see the waste, and DON'T WE ALL.

And the beautiful thing about hardwood stave shells, is that,  NO TWO ARE EVER THE SAME, although pairs and kits can be similar, so wooden stave shells are all around aesthetically beautiful and intrinsicly charming, almost heart-warming.

      Welcome to the home page of Steady Rhythms.  As wooden stave shell crafters, we know the value of a well hand crafted product, and here in our shop, that is all we do.  All of the woods we use in the making of our instruments and shells  are of a good quality recycled/reclaimed wood and/or other materials (we have hybrid wood and plastic barrel kick drums as well).   But when we run short of recycled stuff to work with, I never mind buying local hardwood planks from the local mills, either.  

        The truth is, recycling wood costs  just as much to produce as harvested timbers.  It is just a tiny gesture, on our part, to use reclaimed/recycled materials, for virtually everything we make in our shop  ( 90%  at least).  When pressed with larger orders for several specialty drums, I will purchase wood, and when I do, I buy a few board feet  of it, because the wood planks are the best, here in the Finger Lakes of NY.  

    These hardwoods in NY are a dream to work with, and having worked with many different kinds of  tropical and temperate woods (into stave shells),  I could talk to you at length about the profound differences between the different types of woods, hailing from different locations in the world.   

   In  the 25 years that I have been making stave wooden shells of all shapes and sizes, I have made drum stave shells from sea to shining sea,  from exotic woods  like  Koa, Ohia, Monkeypod, Red Gum, Blue Gum, Silver Oak,  Guava, Puhala (the male Lahala) from Hawaii, and I can assure you, that Upstate NY hardwoods live up to their well known reputations.  Check out the slideshow below.   Is this a sweet stack of recycled hard wood or what?!  Look at those grains and features.  I think the mill threw the best part away!   Thius is something that I smile at, every time I see it, the sweet pile of scrap wood, ready to be worked...



                                              PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS